Consultant for Comparative Study of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives in Peru

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In 2009, CIFOR started a multi-donor funded Global Comparative Study on REDD+ (GCS-REDD+) in 12 countries. GCS-REDD+ is a multi-year global comparative research project on first and second-generation REDD+ activities in selected countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. This third phase of the project consists of 5 modules: policies and measures at the national level (Module 1), assessing the performance of sub-national and private initiatives (Module 2), monitoring, measurement, reporting and verification (MMRV) (Module 3), integrating REDD with development goals at the landscape level (Module 4) and knowledge sharing (Module 5). The overall outcome of the project is: REDD+ policy-makers and practitioner communities have access to and utilize the information, analysis and tools needed to design and implement REDD+ results, create enabling conditions, and assess to which degree REDD+ has delivered carbon- effective, cost-efficient and equitable carbon and non-carbon benefits.

The aim of the research in module 4 is to understand how REDD+ activities and outcomes can be embedded in the broader development agenda. The project will explore multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) aimed at improving land use (e.g. climate mitigation, conservation initiatives, Payment for Environmental Services) to determine what factors affect the equity outcomes for forest-based communities and effectiveness outcomes regarding land use change. Peru is one of four country studies that will inform research on the topic.

Thursday, November 30, 2017