Communications Specialist

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The adverse effects of climate change are being experienced by local communities within a wide range of economic sectors in developing countries across Africa and Asia-Pacific. The overall goal of the GEF-funded project EbA South is to reduce the vulnerability of developing African and Asia-Pacific countries to climate change impacts by providing capacity, knowledge and technology support. The project comprises three components to be implemented over four years (2013-2017), namely:

  1. Inter-regional coordination and capacity building for developing countries to plan and implement Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA);
  2. Inter-regional online EbA knowledge support; and
  3. Transfer of EbA technologies to pilot countries.

The pilot countries for concrete, on-the-ground EbA interventions are Seychelles, Nepal and Mauritania, representing coastal, mountain and arid/semi-arid ecosystems, respectively.

To meet the project objectives, a Communications Specialist is being hired to support the work under project Component 2. This component will improve public awareness and increase the availability of information on good practices for planning and implementing EbA across a range of countries, ecosystems and economic sectors.

Beijing, China
EbA South Project
Tuesday, August 22, 2017