4th OECD Green Investment Financing Forum



4th OECD Green Investment Financing Forum
24 October 2017 to 25 October 2017
Paris, France

Achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement and broader set of environmental objectives linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will require: 1) domestic ambition to rapidly and efficiently decarbonise and enhance resilience in all sectors, 2) well-aligned policies across the whole of government, 3) strong and consistent signalling and well-targeted policy interventions to engage and mobilise industry and private finance, combined with a conducive investment environment, 4) increased global co-operation between state and non-state actors, including financial and technical support for developing countries, and 5) monitoring of progress in green investment and financing and of environmental outcomes. Policies need to be cost-effective and supported by robust, evidence-based analysis, and reflect an understanding of the perspectives and constraints of investors, who will be the engine of the transition to a green and sustainable economy.

This event brings together leading actors from the green finance and investment community to promote effective engagement, collaboration and action on green finance and investment. This includes institutional investors, asset managers, ministries of finance and central banks, financial regulators, commercial and investment banks, international climate funds, multilateral development banks, green investment banks, corporations, civil society, philanthropic sectors and more.

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